The Sightings Location

August 9-12 2006
9:05 PM
Free of Charge
The Distillery District Toronto Ontario (Map)
Tank House Lane near the fire escape

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Upon arrival make sure you start to
nottice the things you usually don't
nottice. The distillery site has a tendency
to slide into a place of magic induced


After entering

keep walking down the main way
for a bit and when you get to

Tank House Lane, turn left and
proceed down the lane.

You might just start thinking now
that you've gone astray
but if curiosity
still has gotten the better of you
keep going and

pass the Broiler House Restaurant
on the right.

On the left you'll see Pure Spirits
Oyster House and Grill.


You can now start looking between the spaces. A streak, a faint glow, perhaps you think you have something afloat on your retina. Turn inwards as you look outwards and outwards as you look inwards. If you create a kind of tension maybe she'll be able to balance there for a fragment or a moment longer. She'll most probably be smiling, you'll see!
She beckons. She calls. She dances. She can be found hanging around in slightly askew places. She loves sewer lids.