Turning Ideas into Reality

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Do you travel in your dreams
stay still in your thoughts
walk a thin line of possibility
and dive over into impossibility from time to time?

"A Sighting" is about many things but in the broadest sense it is about hope passion and curiosity. Here are some sketches. What you see is still improvisational but signs of form are emerging. You are hearing the work of George Spanos who is designing the soundscape and Ron Lopata who is composing a piece for the Dance of Hope. Nick Butler did the filming and editing. Evelyn Bastien is developing the needed apparel and most of the images encountered on this website and else where have been taken by Marilyn Westlake. I continue to lead this ship into unknown territory.


I stretch every part of myself in search of what ever it is I'm looking for and encounter information that I can no longer honestly attribute to the imagination. The line between imagination and reality becomes dubious. And reality, well, that becomes different everytime I look at it.

I hope to release more secrets!